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Most of our customers start by recognising an area in their home that is just calling out for some fantastic glasswork. Often they have no idea of the full possiblities available, that's when talking to us can help.

The starting point is usually visiting our Studio, if you are in the Northumberland area, so we can discuss your ideas or help to give you some guidance on the perfect glass work to suit your chosen location. The more information you can give us on the chosen location the better, it helps us get a 'feel' for the location and a chat with you helps give us a 'taster' of your own personal style, we can then advise you on what type of glass and techniques would look best. Our customers will often leave the entire design choice to us based on a few loose guidelines such as "I want something light & contemporary" or "I want a stained glass window that looks like it's been there since the house was built in the 1880's" some are more specific and say "I want poppies swaying in the breeze". Our aim is, whether you had a set idea or a vague and distant thought, we will try our best to design something which you will love and cherish for years to come.

Site Visit
Detail of Stained Glass Owl Window

After we have had time to consider the design brief we will produce a full scale black & white drawing. We always feel that you get a better idea of how a design will look when you can see it full size. This is the point when we find out whether we as designers and you as commissioning customer are both on the same wavelength or not .... thankfully we usually are! We can then discuss the techniques to be used and the glass types and colours can be chosen. Once you are happy with the design we will give you a fixed cost for the commission and if everyone's happy we set to work for you.

For those of you outside the Northumberland area we are still happy to consider your commission, we may just need you to send us photographs of the proposed location and discuss the initial ideas by phone or email.

So, What do you need to do?

It's simple, you don’t even need to leave your armchair, just give us a call or email to arrange a visit to the Studio, if you are in Northumberland—where we can discuss your ideas for the project. Then we'll go to our drawing board, put our pencils into action and design just what you wanted.  If you are from further afield we can make arrangements by post or Email, see the Contact Us page for details.  There are never any hidden costs and you have no commitment until you are entirely happy with the design.